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Premium solution to carry 2 bikes on a spare tire. The platform design enhances the stability and minimizes the possible contacts between the 2 bikes. Easy mounting and fits most spare tire sizes.


The geometry of the PILOT 4×4 frame allows a quick and easy installation on most cars equipped with spare tires.
Solidly built of steel and high impact resistant plastic materials.
The geometry keeps the bikes away from the car.


Multiple stud pattern and optional adapters included to fit most spare tire sizes.


The clamps are big enough to fit most bike frames.
Made of reinforced Nylon, the clamps are highly resistant.
An integrated pad prevents scratching the bike paint and allow most brakes cables to go through.
Each clamp is equipped with a locking knob.


The wheel holders will accommodate all wheelbases, even very small children’s bikes.
The straps allow a secure attachment of the wheels and the pads protect the rims.
The straps are long enough to hold the biggest rims.


Enhanced stability with rubber stabilizers.


If you don’t carry any bike, you can always fold the platform which might be convenient for parking.

Technical Spec Max number of bikes: 2 Dimensions (folded): 99 x 92 x 23 cm Weight: 9kg Max load capacity: 30kg Max weight per bike: 15kg Integrated lighting board: no Locking: bikes to the rack The carrier cannot be mounted to cars that have a plastic spoiler.

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