Fulcrum Racing Speed Disc

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About Fulcrum Racing Speed Disc Rear Wheel

Whether pedaling against the clock or against other athletes in the bike leg of your triathlon every second counts and every watt saved is of utmost importance.

Hard preparation and great condition are only two ingredients for success when race day comes. 
Technical advantage also plays a pivotal role in being as efficient as possible and the right equipment can often times make the difference between being on the podium or not.

The Racing Speed Disc™ represents such a technological advantage with its extremely lightweight construction, efficient and innovative aerodynamics, low rolling resistance and astounding reactivity there is little question as to why professional athletes seek this wheel for their most important competitions. - See more at: http://www.fulcrumwheels.com/en/collection/road/carbon/products/racing-speed-disc#sthash.bJ2As0Wt.dpuf

  • Full high modulus carbon rim for tubular 
  • Cup and cone bearings
    • easy bearing adjustment - reduces possible bearing play - precision operation - maintains performance over time.
  • Cassette
    • compatibile with Campagnolo® 10 and 11 speed cassettes as well as Shimano Inc. 9, 10, and 11 speed cassettes.
  • Lightweight and extremely rigid aluminum hub construction 
  • Breaking surface
    • newly developed full carbon rim uses carbon braking surface in an effort to add uniform braking performance in addition to saving

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