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Crank Brothers Cleat - Fixed

Crank Brothers cleats with no float to work on all crank brothers pedals...

Crank Brothers Cleat - Float

Crank Brothers cleats with float to work on all crank brothers pedals...

Look Delta Cleats

The Delta cleats will work on older model Look pedals. integrated wear indicators ..

Look Keo Cleat - Grey

Grey look cleats for use on Look Keo branded pedalsGrey = 4.5 degree float..

Look Keo Grip Cleat - Black

The black cleats will ensure no power is lost through pedal movement. we recommend taking an allen k..

Look Keo Grip Cleat - Grey

Imagine pull up to the coffee shop, you have a few new KOM's or QOM's and your feeling un..

Look Keo Grip Cleat - Red

Look red cleats with lots of float to take and sideways pressure off your knees with lots of float a..

Shimano SPD Cleat

Shimano SH-51 cleat will work with most shimano mtb pedals..

Shimano SPD SL Cleat - Blue

Time for new cleats? The blue SPD cleat is defiantly worth a go, giving only 2 degrees of movement y..

Shimano SPD SL Cleat - Red

With the red Shimano cleats you willl definatly feel an increase in power with zero float. We recomm..

Shimano SPD SL Cleat - Yellow

Good effort! you've worn out your cleats, again. in case you didn't know Shimano cleats also come wi..

Speedplay Pave Cleat

Speedplay’s new walkable cleat technology for Zero pedals sets a new standard for user-fri..

Time Xpresso Cleat

Time cleats to work with all Xpresso and ICLICK pedalsalso the replacement for Mavic Zxellium p..
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