We offer a fully equiped in store workshop to help tackle all of your problems. All servicing with the exception of suspension servicing (see bottom of page for details) is carried out in store with your bike kept safely in store for the duration. if you don't see what you're after please call or email us with your needs.

Bronze Service - $65

    The Bronze service is a good way to keep your bikes brakes and gears running at their best but also making sure your bike is safe for the KM's to     come. This service includes the following.

                -inflation of both tyres

                -check wheel nuts / skewers

                -check and realign derailleur hanger

                -check and adjust rear derailleur limit & B screws

                -check and adjust rear derailleur cable tension 

                -check and adjust hight and alignment of front derailleur

                -check and adjust limit screws on front derailleur

                -check and adjust cable tension of front derailleur

                -check and tighten brake calliper mounting bolts

                -check and adjust brake cable tension & lever travel

                -brief check of all components & attachments

                -test ride          

Silver Service - $89.95

    The silver service is recommended for bikes that have not been used in some time or just for that little bit of extra care on your daily ride. it includes     everything outlined in the Bronze service plus the following.

                -clean & de grease of the drive train

                -minor spot true (in the bike) of both wheels

                -re lubrication of chain and all appropriate parts

                -clean and wipe down of frame, fork and wheels

Gold Service - $139.95

    The gold service is great for helping to keep some higher wear items in good condition, we recommend this for bikes that have a good amount of work     or bikes that see a lot of bad weather. It includes everything above plus the following.

               -removal of wheels (tyres if necessary) for a full true of the wheels

               -check lateral and vertical 'trueness' of wheels 

               -check dishing of wheels

              -remove and clean cranks

               -remove, clean, re grease and adjust bottom bracket

               -more intensive clean

               -no addition labour for ANY parts required for install

Diamond service - $249.95

    The Diamond service is almost as good as it gets, no stone left unturned so to speak, we recommend this on bikes no more than once every 18months     to ensure no build up of dirt in and bearing. Also includes everything above plus the following

                -pre service test ride to confirm any issues 

                -remove fork and fully clean

                -remove headset bearing & cups

                -clean, re grease & install headset

                -remove both axles, bearing and any other hub internals

                -clean, inspect and re grease hub assembly

                -remove brake and gear cables for slight lubrication and trimming of outer cables if needed      

Platinum Service - $399.95   

    If the Diamond service leaves no stone untuned, then the Platinum leaves no stone turned uncleaned! it is for when you really want to give your bike a     birthday, the bike is striped back to the frame so that every component can be cleaned to the point of new.